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Uncooperative Photo Subjects – Holiday Edition

We attempted a little holiday photo shoot in the barn this morning with a few of the farm animals. How did it go, you ask?

Opal the Tennessee Fainting Goat was up first. She didn’t want to stay in the shot until she realized she could eat the wreath.


Next came Cocoa, this year’s bottle-fed lamb. Sorry to report that Cocoa is no longer a cooperative photo subject.


Finally, we stuck a bow on Gillie and asked him to sit.


Good dog, Gillie!

Happy holidays to all!

Scenes from around the farm – Winter 2014/2015

Scenes from Leaping Lamb Farm

Scenes from Leaping Lamb Farm

The farm as a photography backdrop

Early in June, our friend Dennis Rivera conducted a photo shoot at the farm.

It’s gratifying to see the farm this way… the evening light of late spring, the lush green grass, the patches of wildflowers, a family enjoying each other’s company with no outside distractions.

Dennis and this beautiful family spent about two hours here, just walking all around the property, interacting with the animals a little bit, and having a lot of laughs!


All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 Scottie Jones
Photos Copyright Dennis Rivera