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Scenes from around the farm – Winter 2014/2015

Scenes from Leaping Lamb Farm

Scenes from Leaping Lamb Farm

Leaping Lamb Farm video on Visit Corvallis

We recently worked with Silverman Studios to create a video for the Visit Corvallis website. Here’s the finished result!

Thanks to our guests that day for being good sports and appearing on camera, and thanks to Visit Corvallis for arranging the video!

Spring has sprung, the lambs are here!

We had a surprise waiting for us on Monday morning when we went out to the barn… the first lambs of the season! It was our lucky guests that day who first discovered that Piper had given birth to triplets:

And then, on Tuesday morning, Nona gave birth to twins. 

Very exciting times in the barn!

Tina Turner, our most fabulous chicken


Tina Turner struts her stuff!

This wonderful photo of Tina Turner, our Polish Top Hat chicken, was taken by guest Gernot Albrecht.


Snow Day!

LLF snow in Feb and first lamb in March 2011 012This is a story told mostly by Tater, through photos of himself and his girlfriend Moralecia, because no one quite appreciates snow like a horse locked up for endless rainy days in a loafing shed.

The blanket has become itchy; the ground in the turn-out area muddy and deep; the donkey is cranky; life has become boring; and, the sheep are just plain stupid IMO.

And then one morning we wake up to six inches of snow. Oh, glory be! Every animal and person on the farm breathes a sigh of relief. The brown is gone, covered by a crystal white as pure as light in a short winter’s day. The mood is lifted. Even the donkey’s. Of course, the sheep are still stupid because they don’t seem to notice anything different.

Is there really anything better than a roll in the snow? No snow angels here but horse angels instead. A face full of the white stuff feels good. It’s cool to the touch. It’s in my nose. It’s on my belly. Legs in the air!

LLF snow in Feb and first lamb in March 2011 004 LLF snow in Feb and first lamb in March 2011 005

LLF snow in Feb and first lamb in March 2011 011 LLF snow in Feb and first lamb in March 2011 010

What’s that sheep looking at? Stupid sheep. They have no horse sense.

LLF - snow, flooding, sheep, front door, horses rolling Jan 2012 006

Photos: Tater and Moralecia playing in the snow. Katahdin ewe doesn’t get it

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