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Early birds and lambs.

Everyone and everything around here just can’t wait for spring, it seems. We’ve had a few arrivals that were earlier than we planned. Well, remember back in September when we found a ewe in with the rams? And then again in October, we caught Deedee in there. So, no surprise, those two have had babies already.

We’ve also got eggs in the incubator, and one lone chick hatched about a week before expected. Well, it’s a rare treat for our guests who stay here in March!

2015 Early Arrivals at Leaping Lamb Farm

2015 Early Arrivals at Leaping Lamb Farm in Alsea

2015 Early Arrivals at Leaping Lamb Farm in Alsea

More Spring Scenes From Around the Farm

Some photographer friends visited during Open Barn Days and captured some wonderful images of the lambs and other scenes around the farm. Here are a few more photos – with a hearty thanks to them for letting us share!

First, a peek into the chicken yard, where Bob (the Polish Tophat rooster) enjoyed showing off, and Ike (the Black Australorp rooster) posed with one of the girls…ike-bob-girls(Photos: Paul Deatherage)

Here we have the oldest rooster, Johnny… we’re trying to figure out where the best place is for him to spend the rest of his days. He’s slowed down and can’t hang with the other guys, but he seems a little lost out by the barn, too. In the four small images, we have Mouse being a lap-ram, PeaDiddy being curious, Deedee sunning herself, and Paco, as always, most interested in food.

Other scenes 2014-2
(Photos: Paul Deatherage and Pat Kight)

And, finally, a few final shots taken by our visitors… the leaping lamb sign on the house, a pink dogwood, barn decor, Honey Grove creek, and a sweet ewe chewing on some grass.

other scenes 2014(Photos: Paul Deatherage and Pat Kight)

Thanks again to everyone who came out to visit in April – today’s May 1st and we’re enjoying some warm weather and looking forward to summer right around the corner!


The Escape Artist

Tater the Terrible” has a partner in crime here at the farm.

She’s sneaky. She’s quick.

We will often catch a quick glimpse of her scuttling into some landscaping, but chasing her or trying to keep her penned in is just a futile exercise that ends up with a breathless farmer and a chicken prancing away, tail feathers held high.

Frankie. Many of our guests have come to know her ways.

We never catch her getting out, but we recently caught her in the act of getting back in…




… and over…


And a triumphant landing.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 Scottie Jones
Photos by Dennis Rivera

New ‘Roo

Meet the newest resident of the farm!


I brought home this handsome young rooster recently, when purchasing several pullets. Wouldn’t you know, one turned out to be a boy. When you live in a less rural neighborhood, like me, roosters aren’t allowed, so as soon as we confirmed his male-ness (he started crowing inside the coop at 5am!) then we knew he had to go. Lucky for me, I work on a farm!

Scottie had put four of her new hens over by the barn in their own separate coop, and they needed a rooster to help protect them. I’m so glad he had a place to go, because he’s just beautiful. These photos were taken at our house back in May.


We took him over on Friday and introduced him to his new flock-mates, who promptly ditched him. He was also COMPLETELY freaked out by the hoofed creatures — sheep, what are those!?! I’m hoping he just needed a few days to assert himself properly with the hens and learn not to follow people away from the flock, plus get used to all the larger animals.

Now he just needs a good name! Any ideas?

Photos: Kate Rivera

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 Scottie Jones

Tina Turner, our most fabulous chicken


Tina Turner struts her stuff!

This wonderful photo of Tina Turner, our Polish Top Hat chicken, was taken by guest Gernot Albrecht.