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Vistas & Vineyards – Artists on Location

Last week we played host to the artists of Vistas & Vineyards – Artists on Location, a local group that meets weekly to paint “en plein aire” at sites around the Willamette Valley and nearby areas.


The day did not seem to be ideal – it was gray, rainy, and cold! The artists took up spots around the farm that kept them (mostly) under cover.


After a few hours, they gathered in the barn to have lunch and review all the work that had been done during the morning.



Because they were having lunch… guess who had to be put into an empty stall for a little while?

Yep, Mr. Gillie “I’ll take that sandwich, thanks” Jones. He kept the recent sheared fleeces company for about 20 minutes or so. He’s a GOOD BOY. (He wanted me to tell you that.)

Below are some photographs of the pieces as they were that afternoon. Some were still in progress, some mostly finished. None of them are done justice by my photography!

I don’t have the artists names who created these, but we’re working on getting them, so I’ll update the post as soon as I have more info. I also didn’t manage to catch photos of all the pieces, unfortunately!

Click on the thumbnails to see more detail:


Artist: Tom Allen

Artists13 Artists12





Artists11 Artists10 Artists9





Keep up with Vistas & Vineyards via their Facebook page, or website. Many of them will be showing artwork at a show at LaSells Stewart Center later in the year, and will participate in the Clothesline Sale of Art in Corvallis in August.

Art that comes from the farm

We have something very special to share today, and the photographs simply ARE NOT going to do this justice – but we have to try!

Recently, we had a guest staying at the farm cottage who is a very talented spinner and weaver. She took home some of the fleece from our sheep, and made yarn…


And then, because she has a new loom and one can’t stop with just yarn when there’s weaving to do…. she made this!


A branch can be inserted into the loops at the top so this piece can be hung on a wall, and we intend to do just that. We’re going to hang it up in the cottage – along with the sheet showing the locks and sample yarns – so future guests can enjoy this lovely piece of art made with wool from the farm!

Here’s a close-up of that beautiful pattern in the hanging:


This piece is quite thick, and the artist, Priscilla, remarks at how very much yarn the technique uses up. Perhaps if I could be patient enough to wash and spin plenty of this wool, we could make an amazing floor rug. (Of course, I’d need to learn to weave. Oh, Priscilla, will you give lessons?!)

Thanks again to our lovely guests Priscilla, and her daughter Jessica!