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New ‘Roo

Meet the newest resident of the farm!


I brought home this handsome young rooster recently, when purchasing several pullets. Wouldn’t you know, one turned out to be a boy. When you live in a less rural neighborhood, like me, roosters aren’t allowed, so as soon as we confirmed his male-ness (he started crowing inside the coop at 5am!) then we knew he had to go. Lucky for me, I work on a farm!

Scottie had put four of her new hens over by the barn in their own separate coop, and they needed a rooster to help protect them. I’m so glad he had a place to go, because he’s just beautiful. These photos were taken at our house back in May.


We took him over on Friday and introduced him to his new flock-mates, who promptly ditched him. He was also COMPLETELY freaked out by the hoofed creatures — sheep, what are those!?! I’m hoping he just needed a few days to assert himself properly with the hens and learn not to follow people away from the flock, plus get used to all the larger animals.

Now he just needs a good name! Any ideas?

Photos: Kate Rivera

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