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Our First Ever Open Barn Event

(Photo: Paul Deatherage)

This week, we hosted our very first “Open Barn” event, inviting the public out to see the lambs and explore the property. Despite the cold temps and POURING rain on Sunday, we had a great turnout!

We had over 30 lambs born by Sunday afternoon, and many of them were out in the field with their moms. The day would go from downpour to sunny (though definitely not warm) and back again within minutes, and the ewes seemed much more interested in munching on grass than keeping their little ones warm and dry. Eventually, we let them all into the loafing shed and mixed them with the ewes who had yet to give birth.

We also had a few ewes and their babies still in the barn, and the visiting children — and some of their parents, too! — have had a great time holding lambs on their laps.

(Photo: Paul Deatherage)

And, of course, Paco was not about to be left out as long as there was petting going on:

(Photo: Zach Blackwood)

All in all, we think the event was well-received and had a decent turnout, and we learned some lessons in case we do this again next year. We extend a hearty thank you, to everyone who attended, to the photographers for sharing their photos with us, and to anyone who was able to donate to help us cover costs. We hope the kids came away with some lasting memories, and we’re glad the rain didn’t keep you away!

(Photo: Paul Deatherage)


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